How Valuable Is The Alphabet?

Words can be very powerful things, they can spark a riot and settle a soul all in the time it takes to have a conversation. What we fail to realise is the value of words depends solely on the person who speaks them – the words themselves mean very little. Promises are cheap, especially if they are given to you and then snatched back from under your nose at a later date, ‘I Love You’ is probably one of my least favourite combination of words. It can make you feel on top of the world one day, yet haunt you the next.

I’m a sceptical person at the best of times and I’ve come to realise that I don’t take comfort in words of reassurance anymore. More often than not I’ve been let down by the jumble of sounds that echo from a persons mouth, they say that there is only so many times you can kick a puppy before it bites back. In my mind actions really do speak louder than words; don’t bother wasting your breath on reassuring me that you will never hurt me – just don’t do it. Do not promise me that we will be friends forever when you don’t know what forever may hold. In my experience time does heal, but time can also rip apart the strongest of relationships right from the very seams.

Never tell me you love me, show me. I don’t want you to look upon me gooey eyed over a candle lit meal when I’ve spent hours doing my hair, and confess what you believe to be your true feelings for me at that time. I can guarantee that every time the first time somebody has said ‘I love you’ to their recent squeeze has been in moments of joy, looking at the relationship through rose tinted glasses, yet to experience any times of trouble or tests of patience… What happens when the fog of infatuation clears and what’s left standing in front of you doesn’t seem so pretty anymore? Do those words still mean what they meant the first time?

Marilyn Monroe is famously quoted ‘… If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best’, and this I have to agree with. Too many times we are promised the world and stars, reassured that we are loved and cared for, but in reality when the dust settles these words come to mean very little. If you love me then be there when I need you, care for me when I am down and help me up when I fall. Don’t waste your words on me, no matter how precious you consider them they are of no value to my ears or mind.

Words are cheap, the biggest thing you can say is ”elephant!’‘ – Charlie Chaplin


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